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Best wifi smart lock for home

WiFi Base Door Lock

In the 21st century, security is the most sensible thing that you may be concerned about because old manual locks are getting outdated and easy to break. Maybe you want a secure door lock or you just want to replace your old one don’t worry since our list shows you the Best Mobile operated door lock system that you can buy online now.

Electronic door locks are known for their security and convenience. The main purpose of smart door locks is to make things easier for the user to lock and unlock the door automatically. There are many security benefits such as remote access to your property and it will help you even when your hands are full or if you lose your keys then you can use your smartphone to unlock your door.

Buyers Guide

The buyer’s guide covers all the important features that you should be looking out for before buying your Best Mobile operated door lock system that you can use on a daily basis. Remember to check and compare all its features to better understand your needs with this door lock.


You should get a good battery for your smart door lock because in emergencies like power outage the smart door lock has to rely on the battery to safeguard your house. An intruder can try to cut off the electricity to enter your house so it is generally considered best to have an external power source that you can plug into the 9-volt battery of your smart door lock to get enough power for it to function.


To control and monitor your smart door lock remotely you need it to be connected with your home network and that can be done in a number of ways. Most smart door locks require to be connected to the network manually but few of them have integrated WiFi that has a good range to connect to your home network. WiFi requires more energy and battery life but it is more secure than a cable system.


The installation of a smart door lock depends on your preference on which route you want to take. You have the option of keeping your existing lock and purchasing a smart door lock system that attaches directly on top of it or you can replace the old lock completely and add a new smart door lock on top of it. Also, the door lock should be easy to perform the installation for the user and a helpful manual to read the instructions.


Just like any other electrical application smart door locks come in a variety of price ranges. The higher the price the better its features. However, the average price for a smart door lock is around 200$ but your price can go up depending on the key card you select for your smart door lock. The number of connections and installation locations could have a major effect on your budget, so look for an average price product that has both good features and connectivity.


A keypad is necessary for the smart door locks to feature as it requires a pin number to unlock your door. They come handy when you have lost the key or you can’t find your phone to unlock your door. There are easy to set up and the key can be changed multiple times with different PIN for different people. All you have to do is change the PIN from your smartphone door lock app. Check if the keyboard is touch or not because it gives an ergonomic feel and it looks good on your door.

Yale Assure Lever WiFi Door lock

The Assure Lever smart door lets you have a smart lock system for key-less entry. It comes with pre-installed WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can lock or unlock your door automatically whenever you are near it. You can see who is coming and going with the help of an app from anywhere which helps you give more security and comfort.

The assure lever will automatically open as soon as you approach the door and will lock again when you close the door, so you don’t have to manually lock or unlock it. You can check the status of the lock with the help of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri in the comfort of your own room. The keys of the door lock light up when you press on them to give you a better look in the dark. Even if you don’t have your cell phone with you you can unlock your door by dialing a unique code in the touch screen.

It is easy to install and it attaches by your door within minutes with just the help of a screwdriver. You can even give a temporary code with the help of your smartphone for people that you trust to access your door when you are not at home. Get all-day notifications and updates by the door lock, also you can check the history 24/7 to know about who came to your house when you are away from home.

Key Features:

– Touch-sensitive wide LED screen.

– Auto-lock and unlock feature

– Easy Installation.

– It gives you real-time security updates.

– Unlock it by your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

– Sleek design to look good on any door.

– Simple mobile app control.

– Many virtual keys can be created for every family member.


Smart door Locks are becoming a new trend for modern people as they are more convenient for ordinary people. Smart door locks are useful for individuals that are in a job or they live alone. They help you in protecting your home from intruders and they look good on your door. The Yale Assure Lever WiFi Door lock is one of the Best Mobile operated door lock systems in the market that lets you enjoy your day without letting you worry about your home. It comes with a simple design with easy installation and it can be easily operated with your mobile, so what are you waiting for buy the Yale Assure Lever WiFi Door lock to maximize your security and comfort with just a click of a button.

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